[002] Kawaii mew mew leap

icocApps the second.

“Kawaii mew mew leap”  on sale!!

Android iPhone

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Just tap the screen.

Easy to play! Easy to jump!



Pad button・・・ Game start.

Ranking button・・・Go ranking.



■In game

Let’s climbing up wall to wall.

The game is over and fall to the bottom hit the animal on the way.


Cat face is rotate always.

When you tap the screen, the cat jumps to the way where he is looking at.



You come here when game is over or ranking button pushed on title.


Your record is appears on top that game is over.

And you can tweet score.


As long as you ranked, star appears if the rankin between 1st  to 5th.



Let’s check the rank at times.




・Black crow

Have no features.

It go straight.



・Red crow

Move likes the Black crow.

It’s drop the egg sometimes.

Just checks.

Interval to drop the egg is determined.



・Blue crow

Move straight.

But stop sometimes.



・Green crow

The moves while shaking big up and down.

Also, bouncing well if you hit.

It might help you.



・Brown eagle

Just straight.

But very fast.

Let’s be careful if you hear a cry.



・Black eagle

The attacked while dive from a high place.

It’s very danger.

Let’s wait until it goes away.


There are a variety of other animals.

Let’s climb the wall!!




■Power fish

Get fishes cat loves
Rocket to the sky!!



If you take a lot at once, the effect is also increased.


・Nomal fish

You climb 30m.


・Sea bream

It’s very rare!!

You climb 100m!!

Let’s take all means!!



Watch out!
Slippery while raining.


■Challenge the world record!!

Movement of animals will quickly climb as high.

And type that appears at a time also increases.


Along the way might be very difficult.

But, there is always a chance!!

Be using well the Power fish, so you aim at world record!!


Let’s “climewed” !!


climewed = climb & mew♪


Android iPhone

Get it on Google Play


■Material provided

This game use free material by the following sites.

Thank you for providing a high quality materials!!






■Sound effects