[009]Don’t stop hero on Puzzle

ICOC 9th App “Don’t stop hero on Puzzle” has released!!


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Hero hates anything crooked.
Even quest to defeat devil, He can’t allow the winding road.
So he keeps going just straight.

But if this goes on, he can’t arrive even his castle.

Moreover if he can’t go stragiht to bump monsters or obstructions, his quest would end up.

Please guide the don’t stop hero using items for example magical direction signs and secret cave.

Another game stage is coming soon.


How to play

When you touch item on bottom of screen, you can select it.

After select it, you touch the map screen again and then the item is set on the map.

If you want to remove the item from map, just touch it again.

A number of below the items notices count which you can use the item repeatedly.

Let’s guide Hero to castle using the items.

After set the items on the map and push start button, time to play.
Each character take action walk and some use fire.
Let’s keep a close eye on him to reach the goal.



Picture Name Description
Hero Our hero!! 

He hates anything crooked.

So he keeps going just straight.

Let’s guide him to the castle using magical description signs.

Blue slime This monster exists just there. 

Hero loses if he bumps the monster.

Red slime This monster keeps going to face direction. 

His movement is simple, but he encounters many times unexpectedly.

Blue wizard The wizard uses fire to the hero when the hero passing in front of the wizard. 

Be careful.If hero hit the fire, he dies.

Red wizard The wizard acts same as Blue Wizard. 

Additionally he walks same as slime.

You can use magical direction signs to change hero’s direction.

If the timing is right, hero can keeps going more and more.

Fire The wizards use this. 

The fire flies straight toward.

If wizard use this fire, have to accept dead.


Picture Name Description

Magical direction sign Someone who is passing this is changed direction. 

Let’s guide the hero to set place where hero or monsters wander around

Cave entrance You can use a pair of caves and move from the one to another one. 

The monster can also use this caves.

If you use only one cave, it doesn’t work.


Picture Name Traffic Set of item Description
Hill ×
Mountain × ×


Sea × ×

Bride × ×


Castle × × When hero arrives the castle, it’s clear.


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