ICOC Co.,Ltd. has released android apps five days in a row!!

Our developer tried to create app once a day.


Each app’s development term was just one day.

That’s why the apps were developed as short game.

But our developer created apps different from others.

Let’s play these enjoyable apps.


■ First day “GRAVITY USER” (Category:sports)

Control gravity to get score.
Keep hitting a ball to a bar and ceiling.

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■Second day “Aggression” (Category:shooting)

New feeling shooter game!!
This game is used Physics engine.
NO DESTROY enemies just push the aggressors away

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■ Third day “Ultimate Run” (Category:action)

Just run to the goal!!
This is the first time to create icoc app as horizontal screen.
This main character Michael is a grandson of Joseph in the “”Gold Rush Hour”” actually.

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■Forth day “King of vehicles” (Category:race)

This is race battle game.
Let’s crash into red reckless driving cars and destroy all those cars.

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Daily of developing games

Our developer’s blog opens about development phase.If you are interested in developing games, check it out!!