Don’t stop HERO 2 release!

The icocApps 12th
I released puzzle RPG “Don’t stop HERO 2″ on Jul 07!!


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It is powered up largely this time by a previous work! !
Not only the brave man merely advanced, too,
but also became able to defeat the enemy♪

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New element

– Increase in stage (All 36 side of the 12 stage 3 area)
– Add weapon (Defeat enemy)
– Add shield (I prevent the magic)
– collection elements of the medal
– recording the shortest number of steps
– new monsters

Changes to the previous work

– Disappear and Hm panel (red panel Fumeru up to 2 times)
– The panel put the only level ground
– If it is flat, panel is also put under the character
– Magic witch gives off hit to another monster
– Speed ​​up moving screen tap

New area release decision!!

It is three area currently, “coming soon”
With respect to the part which is the is,
It is scheduled to be open area future
Area for the next release is scheduled for early August.
Let us collect medals Good luck so far! !

The use of the material

This app makes use of the following materials free.
Offer great material that matches the view of the world of 8bit style
Thank you very much!! !

PixelMplus(ピクセル・エムプラス) ‥ 8bitビットマップふうフリーフォント – itouhiroはてなブログ

ファミコン風オリジナル音楽素材 PANICPUMPKIN


I take the information of the previous work from this


Android iPhone
Get it on Google Play